Internet Agency Economic Justice
Enabling Ecommerce Comfortably and Economically Fair


Maintain a militia / private security organization to fight economic injustice, and fight theft by bully corporations and their partners in government, to remove excessive fraud from the Internet, and to enable members to unite into groups who have similar causes and objectives; and enable these groups to organize and work together to quickly push changes to happen through financing, legislation, litigation, and united commercial power.

How We Help You

    • Fight Economic Injustices that is putting financial hardships on many small business, sometimes forcing them out of business.
    • Fight to pass appropriate legislation such as the Web Site Ingrdients Law legislation that will enable communities and families to filter unwanted Internet content, easily and completely, while attracting desired Internet content.
    • Unite users to form coalitions to fight against fraud, theft, injustice, and unethically and unfair exchanges that often cheat small businesses.
    • Arrest the crooks, the corporate greed crooks and their government partners


Take Legal Action

If you have an Internet based complaint or grievance you can register a complaint with this agency. We specialize in helping clients get their property back, including intellectual property, copyrighted works, patented works, that corporations are stealing from the 99%. The Internet Agency, is the only agency that can guarantee economic fairness for MaxPrice Systems used by Google / Facebook / YouTube, because the Agency controls Patent 7,139,732 - For the legal proof, please visit oneredpill.com for detailed information.


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